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Why are the Kardashians and the Kardashian boys so bad at tech?

Why are the Kardashians and the Kardashian boys so bad at tech?

A new trend is taking over the world of technology and it’s starting to affect many of the worlds most iconic personalities.

With the rise of technology in general and smartphones in particular, the Kardashons and the boys are not just the latest in an ongoing trend of celebrities to flaunt their tech skills but are in fact the most tech savvy ones.

The trend began to take off with the release of the Kardashs new film, Kourtney and Kourtzie, in January of 2016.

In the film, the women are shown interacting with technology, learning how to use their smartphones, and how to get around.

These days, the trend is known as tech chic, but its been gaining more visibility recently as technology has become more mainstream.

As tech-savvy celebrities continue to show off their skills on social media, it has taken a bit of a toll on the Kardash family.

In a recent interview with E!

News, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner revealed that their son, Jayden, is getting a lot more technology savvy in school.

In particular, Jaydens teacher told him that he would need to use a phone and not a tablet.

The reality star said that the two of them are constantly on the move, and the idea of using a phone is a huge one for them.

Kim said, “We’re just like, ‘We need to be constantly on our phones.'”

Jayden has already learned how to do the basic tasks of using his smartphone in school, such as answering the call and answering the teacher’s questions.

In fact, the two boys were able to get through their first day of school without the help of a smartphone.

The interview was filmed last summer, so it is unclear how Jayden will use his newfound skills in the future, but Kim and Kris have stated that Jayden is a student of technology, so there’s no doubt that he will be using technology in the school system.

However, the reality star has a different take on the technology-challenged Kardashian sisters.

While Kim is quick to point out the dangers of technology for the Kardash girls, Kim is also quick to make the point that technology can be good for the rest of us.

Kim pointed out that technology has been great for her and her family and she believes that technology will continue to be beneficial for society.

“I think it’s great for everyone,” Kim said.

“Technology has given us so much.

You can always find a new job.

You know, if I go out and I need a job, I can find a job.”

Kris Jenner also thinks that technology is great for the world.

In an interview with The Wrap, the mother of two said that technology makes our lives better.

“It makes us happy, it makes us healthy, it helps us get through the day,” Kim continued.

“If I was to say to you right now that we are not doing this work because of technology,” she continued, “you’re not going to believe me.”

While technology is becoming more mainstream, the tech-skeptic celebrities like Kim and Kardashian seem to have it all figured out.

It is safe to say that the Kardash sisters have learned how not to mess with the technology and are using technology to solve all of society’s problems.

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