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Why we’re spending billions of dollars on drought relief for the Texas drought

Why we’re spending billions of dollars on drought relief for the Texas drought

The Texas drought has cost the state more than $10 billion in lost revenue and $3 billion in damages, according to a new report by the National Association of State Budget Officers.

The Texas Association of Governments (TASAG) released its annual State of the State report on Tuesday.

It analyzed more than 4,000 state and local government spending on disaster relief and recovery.

The TASAG report found that Texas spent more than 2.7 billion dollars on disaster mitigation, emergency relief and related programs during the state’s last drought in the late 1990s.

Texas spent $1.9 billion on mitigation during the drought in 2013.

Its total costs totaled more than 1.7 million dollars, or $2.7 per household.

The report also found that the state spent nearly $500 million on water infrastructure, including water treatment facilities, distribution facilities, reservoirs, water treatment plants, water supply and storage facilities, and water supply infrastructure.

The report also noted that Texas is the only state to spend more than 3 percent of its general fund on disaster recovery.

That’s a total of $4.6 billion.

The state is now on track to exceed its goal of reducing its deficit to zero in 2022, the report found.

The state is also expected to meet its debt and deficit goals by the end of 2024.

The full report is below.

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