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How to make money from your stock portfolio

How to make money from your stock portfolio

You’re probably thinking, “I could just buy the stock of a company that has the highest dividend rate and then put all my money into it”.

The answer is that that’s not going to work for you.

But it’s worth trying.

Here are some of the stocks that have the highest dividends, as of today.

These are the companies that have paid their dividends since April 1.

What’s the most profitable stock in the world?1.

IBM, $16.3bn2.

Oracle, $14.6bn3.

SAP, $13.7bn4.

Microsoft, $12.8bn5.

Microsoft Research, $11.9bn6.

Intel, $10.857bn7.

Oracle Healthcare, $9.3billion8.

Google, $8.4bn9.

Coca-Cola, $7.8billion10.

Intel Corp, $6.2bn11.

AT&T Inc, $5.8 billion12.

Apple Inc, the company that makes the iPhone, $4.3 billion13.

Pfizer Inc, a medical device maker, $3.3 Billion14.

Microsoft Corp, the software company, $2.8 Billion15.

Google Inc, Google, a search engine, $1.3B16.

Walmart, $990m17.

Amazon.com Inc, Amazon, a retail online retailer, $789.4m18.

Bank of America Corp, a bank, $678.3m19.

United Parcel Service Corp, United Parl, a mail delivery company, £627m20.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Goldman, a private investment firm, £261m21.

JPMorgan Chase & Co, JPMorgan, a financial services firm, $245m22.

Disney Corp, Disney, a movie studio, £234m23.

General Electric Co, General Electric, a chemical company, (£230m)24.

Coca Cola Co, Coke, a beverage, £209m25.

Apple Computer Co, Apple, a computer, £179m26.

Boeing Co, Boeing, a maker of aircraft, £176m27.

General Motors Co, GM, a car, £160m28.

Verizon Communications Inc, Verizon, a communications company, €142m29.

Coca Co Ltd, Coca, a soft drink, €134m30.

Pfiser Inc, Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, ¥137.8m31.

Bank Of America Corp and Citigroup Inc, Bank, a mutual fund, €117.4M32.

Wells Fargo & Co and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, Wells, a credit card company, ₩100.8 million33.

Amazon Inc, The Amazon, an online retailer and delivery service, ¥125.9M34.

Facebook Inc, Facebook, a social network, ¥115.9 million35.

Coca Free, Coca Free Water, a water, ¥114.6 million36.

AT &amp.

T Corp and Walgreens Boots Alliance, Walg, a discount supermarket, ¥110.9m37.

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft, a software company and entertainment company,                   ℂ       𝔈           #‎Amazon.com  �  ﻰ            𝄯   เ 𝑇 ☜ ☥        ☻    ƒ         타 ผ พ ธ ็ แ        ย  기 ұ    그 ͟ �

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