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The Truth About the US Military: How the Military Is Killing Us

The Truth About the US Military: How the Military Is Killing Us

In the final section of the book, he describes the military as a “global cartel” that uses “a mix of deception, coercion, and force” to keep America from doing what the United States needs to do to defeat terrorism.

“The military has been used to suppress dissent and suppress civil liberties in other countries,” he wrote.

“In the US, the military has used force to silence dissent and silence the press.

In other countries, the United Nations, and other civil society groups, they have used force and intimidation to silence dissidents.

And in some countries, they’ve even engaged in war crimes.””

America’s leaders have used their military power to suppress critical thinking and free speech in other parts of the world,” he continued.

“America has become a dictatorship,” he concluded. “

The result has been the same: America has become an autocracy.”

“America has become a dictatorship,” he concluded.

The author goes on to criticize President Trump for “not even acknowledging the extent to which the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates are systematically using the threat of force to suppress the voices of dissent and to stifle civil liberties.”

The book is a collection of essays that began as a series of essays published in The Washington Post in 2014, and is now available in paperback.

(H/T: The Daily Beast) The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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