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Westwater to supply water to the state’s dams

Westwater to supply water to the state’s dams

The state’s dam operators will receive a shipment of water from the Westwater Resources stock on Sunday, sources said.

Westwater Resources Ltd (WRRL) and West Water Supply Services Ltd (WWS) will receive the water from its stocks, sources added.

The State government has also given a waiver of the water requirement to the three dam operators to enable them to tap into the supplies.

The dams, which are in the state capital Pune, are set to receive a total of 3,811.54 crore cubic metres of water over the next four months.

This is about 12 per cent of the total supply to the State’s dams of 8,638.96 crore cubic meters.

The two state governments have also announced the release of two water reservoirs for the district, which will provide the state with 844.48 lakh cubic metres over the coming four months, and the release to the neighbouring Maharashtra State Water Supply Board.

The Maharashtra State Board for Drinking Water and Sanitation (MSDSB) has already set a target of getting the entire state drinking water supply supplied by 2019.