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What you need to know about Trump’s executive order on immigration

What you need to know about Trump’s executive order on immigration

Newsweek article What you needed to know on February 13, 2017: Trump admin orders executive orders to block refugees, green cards, and other travel from countries where terrorism is common, even if the executive orders do not specify a specific country.

The order also instructs agencies to block any refugees from countries with high rates of terrorism or who are known to have links to terrorist groups.

This includes the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Yemen.

The United States does not currently have an official list of countries the order will bar.

Trump has said he wants to prevent terrorism.

But he has not provided any evidence that these specific countries pose a threat.

This is a policy, not a policy.

The executive orders also require agencies to report on their compliance with the refugee resettlement programs.

It also directs the secretary of homeland security to develop a plan to establish a temporary ban on the entry of nationals of countries with known or suspected ties to terrorism.

The DHS will have the power to impose such a ban on all noncitizens who have traveled to the United States, including on the basis of a national security, law enforcement, or foreign relations interest.

In its initial guidance, the DHS said that it would issue a list of the countries with which it would be “prepared to take additional action.”

The DHS did not provide this information.

The Trump administration is also issuing executive orders in its latest iteration of a presidential memorandum on immigration, and DHS has indicated that it is also planning to issue guidance on the enforcement of the executive order in its revised executive order.

These orders, which have yet to be signed, do not contain the language for what will be a permanent ban on immigration.

They will require the DHS to implement the orders’ provisions for months to come, including a plan for a temporary pause on immigration from countries identified by the Trump administration as a potential threat to national security.

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