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When a man walks into your local supermarket and starts making his own food, what’s next?

When a man walks into your local supermarket and starts making his own food, what’s next?

Posted May 07, 2018 05:31:10The job of a natural resource staffing agency is to find, train and hire a professional, and to take care of the business needs of the customers, regardless of where the jobs are located.

The National Resource Management Association (NRMA) is an industry-recognized professional association that promotes and supports the growth and operation of the natural resource sector.

NRMA provides a professional service to the natural resources industry and their clients by providing advice and information on natural resource operations, management and operation management, including workforce development, training, and compensation, through its national network of member organizations.NRMA’s national network includes regional and municipal resource management associations and its local network includes the regional offices of the Canadian Natural Resources Agency, Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Natural Resource Planning Association, and the Natural Resources Association of Canada.

The NRMA has more than 1,600 members across the country and has offices in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Western Canada.

In 2018, NRMA was recognized by the Canadian Government as a leading resource management association, ranking number five in Canada for its services to the industry.

NRMAs work collaboratively to achieve sustainable outcomes in the natural-resources industry through a variety of professional services.

It also collaborates with the industry to provide training and mentorship.

To learn more about how NRMA helps companies and the community, please visit the NRMA website: www.nrmma.ca/resources