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When does the government’s crackdown on porn start?

When does the government’s crackdown on porn start?

The Australian Government has begun a nationwide crackdown on the production, distribution and sale of adult content, including the purchase of nude pictures.

The move is the latest in a series of measures to curb what has been dubbed the porn industry’s “crackdown”.

The new policy, to begin on Thursday, will make it illegal for anyone to own any adult content and will include a two-year jail term for anyone who sells or buys it.

It also bans those who receive or sell such content from being paid.

The Government’s crackdown is part of a $15 billion plan to combat “pornography addiction”.

The plan is part-funded by a $1 billion injection of cash, with another $1.5 billion planned over three years.

It is expected to be passed by the Parliament later this year.

“Today, we are taking the next step in tackling the scourge of adult entertainment,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in a statement.

What are the punishments for those caught?

Under the new laws, anyone caught selling or distributing adult content will face two years in jail, with a maximum $250,000 fine.

If they are convicted, they will be required to serve a three-year community-service sentence.

The Government said the new penalties would apply to anyone selling or purchasing any type of porn online, including sites that offer a “forbidden” content section or those that are “designed to create a harmful and degrading environment”.

Can I have my own porn?

Anyone caught buying or selling porn will face a $500 fine.

Those caught selling it in a public place will face up to a year in jail and a fine of $2,000.

If caught in possession of a “cracked or stolen” adult video camera, the maximum penalty will be $500.

Can a person who has been caught selling porn get a restraining order?


But if they are found to have been in possession, they may be ordered to appear in court and pay a fine.

The first offence will be punishable by a fine or a six-month imprisonment.

The second offence will attract a fine up to $2.5 million and up to 12 months in prison.

The third offence will have a fine and up for 12 months, or both.

Who will be targeted?

“Pornography is a global business, with more than 1 billion copies being sold each month, and the Government recognises the global importance of stopping it being exported to countries such as China and India,” Attorney-General George Brandis said.

There are several different kinds of porn available to buy online.

It includes explicit adult content with no nudity or sexual explicit content, but does not include depictions of sexual activity, anal sex or masturbation.

PornHub, a sex-focused website that sells a large variety of adult videos, was also targeted in the crackdown.

The site was raided by Australian Federal Police last year and it has been shut down since.

The government has also launched an investigation into the distribution of child pornography.

In October, the AFP raided the home of a convicted paedophile and seized images of children engaged in sexual acts, according to the AFP.

How many people have been arrested?

At least 50 people have reportedly been arrested since the new policy was announced last year, but those figures are believed to be an underestimate.

According to the Attorney-Generals Department, only one person has been charged in relation to the new legislation, with the rest being charged under previous laws.

More than 100,000 people have had their internet blocked under the laws, which began in November.

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