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Juventus to open academy in Calabria

Juventus to open academy in Calabria

It is said that the Juventus academy is in the works, and that the plans are for it to open in Calibria. 

In a tweet from Calabrian Football, it is reported that the club is preparing for the possibility of an academy in the city of Calabrio.

The academy will be managed by Calabrà’s new president Maurizio Varela, and it is said to be a project of his own initiative. 

The project has not yet been confirmed, but Calabrians are already familiar with Varelas family, as he has been the head of the club for a decade. 

Varela is a former Calabras youth coach, and he was previously the boss of Calcio della Valle d’Italia.

The youth coach has been part of the Calabres national team for a number of years, and was the first man to lead his club to a third consecutive Scudetto. 

A few years ago, Varelas son Giuseppe took the reins of the national team. 

According to Calabricans press release, the academy is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2019.