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Why did you take down the page?

Why did you take down the page?

Posted April 18, 2019 11:57:36You don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate the effort put into removing racist content on the platform.

In the wake of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, gamers have taken to the internet to post racist and sexist content, some of which has gotten the platform in trouble.

It’s not the first time gamers have faced the ire of the platform, and many have been banned.

But for some gamers, the page isn’t enough to stand up against the platform’s racism.

As Polygon previously reported, the site recently received a petition to remove a post on the site from which it was written, saying that it “offends, disrespects, and glorifies white supremacy.”

The petition to ban the article, which received over 14,000 signatures, reads in part:”It is our position that this article is offensive, disrespectful, and dehumanizes white people.

The page is offensive and the article is not only offensive but also demeaning and dehumanizing.”

It goes on to say that the page was created in April, but the content it references, as well as the way it uses the word “white,” is not new to the platform:It continues:”As a result, we believe the page violates our community guidelines and is therefore a violation of our Community Guidelines.”

We’ve reached out to Polygon for comment and will update this story if we receive a response.

In response to the petition, the company wrote in a blog post, “The post that was removed is one that was written in April and has since been updated with recent news and events.

We take it very seriously and take these issues very seriously.”

The page has been the focus of controversy since its creation.

In a thread on the gaming subreddit r/games, gamers accused the site of whitewashing the history of the black community, saying the page and its content are “deeply offensive.”

“The history of black people is one of racism, enslavement, and the mistreatment of black bodies,” user nayru said.

“This page is a direct representation of the history that was black owned and owned at the time.

The history of slavery is an important part of our history as black people, and it has not changed over time.”

Polygon reached out for comment to PolyGon, which declined to comment.

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