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How to fix a system that can’t help you

How to fix a system that can’t help you

A system that allows companies to collect personal data about employees without their knowledge, even though they have no right to know, is a problem, according to an internal memo from the company’s human resources team.

“Employers should be required to create an opt-in process to allow employees to opt out of having their data collected without their consent,” said the memo dated Oct. 12, which was obtained by The Wall St. Journal.

The memo says companies that do not meet those requirements should be forced to create opt-out procedures for employees.

A report from HR experts last year found that one-third of HR departments surveyed did not create opt out mechanisms for employees, according a report by the Government Accountability Office.

Companies also have a hard time enforcing privacy rules, according the report.

It found that HR departments do not have policies on protecting personal information about employees, including the use of cookies, which can track users’ online behavior.

In an email, Mr. Vella, the former HR manager, said that the company had no plans to create a privacy policy.

The company’s general counsel, James E. White, declined to comment.

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