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How to help students with their energy bills

How to help students with their energy bills

Students with student energy bills are often unable to access financial help because of the lack of funding, according to a report released Thursday.

Students are facing financial hardship because of a lack of funds and are having to pay their bills online, or in person at a local energy company, according a report from the Energy Consumers Alliance.

Energy bills can range from $100 to $300 a month, depending on the type of bill and the amount of energy needed to power a home, according the report.

The report also found that the average student can pay their student energy bill in just under a week.

“Students and families are often the first to suffer from these costs,” said Caroline Cusimano, president and CEO of the Energy Consumer Alliance.

“There’s not enough money available to help people with their student bills, and this report is a starting point to make sure we can provide support to those who need it.”

The Energy Consumers Association surveyed nearly 2,000 Minnesota residents in the Twin Cities to determine the state’s student energy needs.

Nearly 4,000 of those surveyed said they had student energy accounts.

Of those students, nearly 3,000 said they paid for their student accounts with their own money.

Minnesota Energy has been working to improve student energy services since 2012.

For example, the state has recently launched a new Energy-Savings and Energy-Efficient Living program, which has expanded the range of energy-efficient products available for students.

In 2017, the Legislature approved a bill that provides $4 million in funding for the program and provides a range of new tools to help schools make the transition to energy-saver programs.

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