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How do I get rid of a boss?

How do I get rid of a boss?

A senior HR professional at a Fortune 500 company has taken to Twitter to help employees cope with their bosses’ decision to move on and go home.

In a series of tweets, the HR professional has encouraged employees to write in to their bosses with any questions about what’s happening and how to make their bosses feel better.

Here are the best tweets of the day, as compiled by TechCrunch.1.

HR professionals ask for a leave of absence for HR staff to be moved to the next floor of the company2.

A senior company HR manager tweets to HR team to make him feel better about the move to a new floor3.

A HR department leader tweets to a HR team leader to make her feel better4.

A team leader tweets for a team to feel better than a team member5.

A manager tweets for the manager to make a positive change6.

A co-worker tweets to the HR team for help7.

A recruiter tweets to someone in HR to make the recruit feel better8.

A corporate HR rep tweets for HR team members to make them feel better9.

A management HR rep posts on Twitter to explain how they can help a coworker10.

A business HR rep tells the world that a company is looking to hire people, so they’re sending out invitations to HR teams to be interviewed about it.11.

A tech HR rep goes to an HR department and asks if anyone has a question about HR and the company12.

A person in HR posts on LinkedIn to share what she’s been working on13.

A friend of a friend who works at a large technology company posts a question on Twitter about the new hires.14.

A colleague of a colleague in HR writes a letter about how she’s feeling and wants to share with the team that she’s being fired and what to do15.

A fellow HR professional tweets to an executive to share her thoughts about a company change16.

A member of a team that’s currently on maternity leave tweets to her manager17.

A customer service representative in HR sends out a tweet to her customers to express their concerns and requests to the company18.

A sales rep tweets to their boss to say how they’re feeling about the recent change in the company19.

A software engineer in HR tweets to make sure everyone is feeling well20.

A company HR rep shares a message on LinkedIn about their HR change21.

A female member of an HR team tweets to tell her team members how they feel22.

A former co-founder of a startup writes a personal letter about what they learned in HR and how it helped them become successful in the world of work.23.

A partner in HR shares their thoughts about the change in their company and the need to communicate better24.

A technology employee tweets to share a news article about the HR change25.

A product manager in HR mentions how they learned a lot from HR at the company26.

A human resources executive in HR talks to her colleagues about the changes and how they might need to adapt27.

A consultant in HR has shared his experience in HR in an interview with The Guardian.

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