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How to be a better teacher in the classroom

How to be a better teacher in the classroom

Teacher Resources Australia (TRANSA) is launching its Teacher Resource School Program, which aims to offer more than 70 teacher training courses across Australia.

The Teacher Resource Program, launched last month, will offer students access to an array of teacher-led resources from across the country.

“Teachers are the backbone of the workforce,” TRANSA chief executive officer, David Tannen, said.

The program is a collaboration between TRANSCA, the Association of School and College Leaders and the NSW Government.

TRANSCAP is a partnership of the NSW government and TRANSEA that will offer more access to resources than any other program in the state.

The state is also developing its own Teacher Resource Schools program, which will provide students with an alternative to teacher-run schools.

TrANSCAPE will also launch a Teacher Resources Centre in the Sydney suburb of Glenelg.

The Centre will offer access to free, online, self-paced teacher training, including the following:

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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