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The first lady’s new social media strategy isn’t about diversity or inclusion. It’s about power

The first lady’s new social media strategy isn’t about diversity or inclusion. It’s about power

By DAN RICHARDSON In a moment of public reckoning, President Donald Trump has a chance to address one of the biggest problems facing our country.

A country divided and at war.

It has more than 1.6 million people killed in a conflict that has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people, according to the United Nations.

And we are not even halfway through the war.

And there is still so much violence.

The president must speak out.

The American people have a right to know what is happening, and they deserve to know if they are getting a fair and accurate picture of what is going on.

They deserve to see if the White House is taking action to address these problems.

The first-term president has a responsibility to address the urgent needs of this country and its people.

This is not about politics or personal gain.

This country is not broken, but we must find a way to heal.

President Trump is facing a crisis of epic proportions.

And he has a choice.

The only way to make America strong again is to start making our country stronger.

This administration is not prepared to do that.

President Donald J. Trump is not the only one.

The Trump administration is failing the American people.

The President has a duty to do the right thing.

He has a obligation to listen to and act on the people’s needs.

And the president has no business telling them they are being told the wrong thing.

So the President is taking this challenge on behalf of the American People.

Here are some facts about the crisis that confronts us today.

The country is at war The American public has witnessed the horrors of war firsthand.

At least 10 million Americans have been killed, injured, or missing.

More than 4 million are in hospitals or other care facilities, with thousands more still in critical condition.

More people are being left to die, but there are also people who are alive and breathing who have not been told their loved ones are dead.

More and more Americans are not seeing the conflict in a fair way.

There is a profound disconnect between the war that is occurring in Syria and the reality of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The U.S. military has spent billions of dollars to train and equip the Syrian opposition to fight ISIS.

But despite billions of taxpayer dollars and the support of nearly all of the world’s major powers, the Syrian and Iraqi opposition has proven to be a failure.

The United States has lost hundreds of thousands of American troops in the fight against ISIS.

The war has cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions of foreign dollars.

And it has left millions of people homeless.

We are spending billions more than we were paying for it in the war on terror, and that money has been wasted.

The crisis of war is far from over.

The government is fighting to keep American lives and property safe, but many people are dying and the government cannot afford to keep them safe.

The federal government is working to help the wounded, but it cannot afford a medical system that does not serve the most vulnerable people.

In the meantime, the American public is paying the price for years of war, economic and social dislocation, and widespread human suffering.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria has left more than 3.5 million people displaced and nearly half of them have been in need of humanitarian assistance.

In Syria, we are seeing the deaths of a million children.

We have seen the deaths and displacement of tens of thousands more.

We know of the deaths, the displacement, and the suffering of women and children in Iraq, the conflict-torn countries of the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

The situation is getting worse every day.

The people of Syria have been hit by a wave of violence, and in the most desperate and dangerous places, there is no end in sight.

But the Trump administration must take a bolder approach.

The administration must focus on the critical need to rebuild the country.

We cannot rebuild this country without addressing the underlying causes of the crisis.

The Department of Defense must take action to improve the country’s capabilities.

The White House must help us address the humanitarian crisis and make our communities safer.

We must begin to address this crisis by rebuilding our country from the bottom up, through a humanitarian approach that focuses on the most needy, and not by relying on a war machine to solve the problem.

There are more than 300,000 U.N. peacekeepers in Syria.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have agreed to work to bring them home safely, while at the same time working to rebuild Syria and its infrastructure.

We should do this by bringing the people of the Middle-East back home to their homes, not to fight a war on a small, isolated island.

This approach will also give our children the opportunities they deserve.

Our children need safe havens and opportunities to grow and thrive.

We need to help rebuild Syria’s infrastructure and make