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China’s ‘Big Three’ may have to do more to attract foreign investment

China’s ‘Big Three’ may have to do more to attract foreign investment

Chinese companies are struggling to attract overseas investment, with some companies facing new barriers.

The country has been hit hard by a slowdown in domestic demand as its economy has slumped.

The global financial crisis and the ongoing crackdown on the use of social media and other online platforms by government and the Communist Party have further weakened confidence.

Chinese companies are also struggling to maintain the quality of their products and services in a globalised world, a key challenge in a market that accounts for around 70% of global exports.

The Beijing-based Institute for International Economics says Chinese firms face several barriers to international investment.

“We see a range of obstacles that Chinese companies have to overcome in order to attract international investment, including: lack of access to overseas capital markets, lack of financial infrastructure, the need for strong intellectual property, and low quality products and service offerings,” the institute’s chief economist, Chen Dong, told Reuters news agency.

“China is also vulnerable to new technology, new business models, and new technologies that are not based on China-manufactured products and products from overseas,” he added.

China has been a net exporter of goods and services for the past six years, but its export volume is declining, and the country’s GDP has declined for the first time since 2011.