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How to get a dog from China to America

How to get a dog from China to America

A dog that can be imported from China for $3,000 in the United States is now a luxury item in the city of Boston, and the city is turning its back on the process to save on animal welfare.

The Boston Globe reports that a group of Boston residents are now selling the dog, called a “puppy,” as a “pet product.”

According to the Boston Globe, the dogs are being sold as part of a pet product program that allows local businesses to offer the dogs to their customers for $1,000.

The dogs are owned by the Boston Animal Shelter, which has been selling them for about a year.

The program is designed to help animals in need.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement that the city will “use every resource we have to help bring this beloved pet home to its rightful owners.”

The Boston Animal Welfare Society has been working to bring the dog home since October, and has received some of the most recent applications.

According to CBS Boston, the Boston shelter said the dogs have been in their care since September 2016.

The shelter has offered them to local businesses since March of this year.

“These dogs have the ability to interact with people and their pets and are extremely friendly,” a shelter spokeswoman told CBS Boston.

A petition has been launched on Change.org calling on the city to save the dogs. “

I think we have seen positive results, and I am optimistic the dogs will be home soon.”

A petition has been launched on Change.org calling on the city to save the dogs.

“Our hope is that the dog will be welcomed back home with open arms and a warm welcome to their new owners,” the petition reads.

“This dog deserves to be returned to the people of Boston and we demand that Mayor Walsh do everything he can to do that.”

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