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What do you know about rockdale water?

What do you know about rockdale water?

The Queensland Government is taking a closer look at what’s known about rockdales groundwater resources.

Key points:A joint Queensland and Federal report has found rockdale water resources are at riskRockdales are known to be highly polluted and toxicThe Government will look at whether the state’s water management plan is right for RockdaleWater Resources Minister Rob Walker said it was important to start a fresh discussion about what to do about the groundwater problemThe report was commissioned by the Queensland Government and was led by the CSIRO and the CSO, and has been widely reported.

The report looked at three areas of rockdalia, including:Rockdale, in the central north, has a history of contamination with industrial activity and mining, which has been linked to a number of health problems including cancer.

In 2014 the CSIO reported a spike in cancer in Rockdale and another study in 2017 found elevated levels of cancer in the city’s underground water supplies.

The CSIRO’s research found the rate of cancer was almost three times higher in the area of Rockdale’s most contaminated wells than the rest of Queensland.

“It’s important that we understand what is happening in Rockdales and what is causing these levels of contamination,” Mr Walker said.

“So we’re looking at a number and a number, we’re talking to a range of different stakeholders.”

The report is due to be published next month.

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