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How to use your smart watch’s camera to get more from your phone

How to use your smart watch’s camera to get more from your phone

When your smartwatch catches your eye, the camera can be used to capture some of the best photos and videos you could possibly shoot.

It’s the perfect complement to your smartphone camera app.

But you might also want to take advantage of the camera’s video features too, and that’s where your smartphone app comes in handy.

Using a smartphone camera on your watch is as simple as you can make it, but there are some things you should know about it, if you want to get the most out of it.

Here are a few things you might not have known about using your smart watches’ cameras on your phone.1.

It only takes about one second to record a video, so don’t be alarmed by the time it takes.

The time it took to record video on the Apple Watch is a little longer than a standard smartphone camera, but it’s only a couple of seconds, and you can capture as many as 30 frames per second.2.

If you’re using the camera on a mobile phone, you can use the video to create a wallpaper or a photo album.3.

A smart watch camera is capable of capturing video that’s a full 4K.

The iPhone 5s and 6 can capture full 1080p video, but you’ll need a bigger sensor to do this.4.

The camera’s ability to capture full video, even when in the middle of shooting video, is useful for making presentations.

When you want more of your phone’s video, you need to have a smartphone app to capture that video.

This article is part of our special video content: How to capture video on your smart phone.

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If your smart wristwatch is paired with an Android phone, it can capture video.

For this reason, if your smartphone has an audio recorder built in, you’ll be able to use the camera to record audio as well.6.

You can use your phone as a video camera with your smart smart watch.

But this won’t work if you’re shooting video from your wrist, as it can’t capture full-frame video.

The camera on the Samsung Gear Live, which is a smartwatch with a microphone on the back, is the best for capturing video and audio.

The Gear Live also has a built-in microphone, but its microphone is just one button away from pressing.7.

When recording video on a smart phone, your phone needs to have the ability to record HD video, because it needs to be able in order to properly capture the image on your screen.

The Google Nexus 6 comes with a built in HD camera that can record 1080p and 4K video.8.

If the video you’re recording is 1080p or 4K, the resolution won’t match the resolution of the smartwatch’s screen, which can be a problem.

You’ll need to record the video at a higher resolution than your phone displays it to.

The Samsung Gear Watch’s camera has an HDMI input, so you can connect a USB thumb drive to the camera.

It can capture 1080p (1920×1080) and 4k (2560×1440) video.9.

If video you want is 1080i, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch has an external HDMI input that can connect to your smart device’s camera and capture 4K (3840×2160) video, or 1080p stills.10.

If videos are in high definition, you may need to use another video app for your smart Watch, as the Samsung Watch has a proprietary video processor, which uses video in order for the video on it to be processed correctly.

The Google Nexus 4 is another good option for capturing high-quality video on smart watches, and it has an excellent built-ins microphone.

It also has an SD card slot for storing videos.11.

If a video you have is in 1080p, you will need to take the video in to your phone and convert it to 1080i.12.

If someone captures your video, the person can use it to create the wallpaper or photo album on your Smart Watch.

This is a screen capture from the Samsung Fitbit Surge on an iPhone 6S.