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Australian government will not pay for solar farm despite industry’s complaints

Australian government will not pay for solar farm despite industry’s complaints

AUSTRALIA’S energy market regulator will not make any financial commitment to Australia’s solar industry despite a series of industry complaints, the Australian Energy Market Operator said on Wednesday.

“It is a matter for the industry and we do not need to make a commitment,” ACCO Chairman Stephen Danks said.

“We are in no position to make that commitment.”

I can’t get into the specifics of how much of a commitment there might be.

It’s not a public record.

It is an industry matter.

“The ACCO is a part of the Federal Government and ACCO operates the energy market, which is the largest in the world.

The ACCS regulates energy markets in the states, territories and the Commonwealth, including solar, wind, biomass and hydropower.

It said it had been receiving a series in recent weeks from the Australian Solar Council, which represents more than 600 solar energy producers, that the ACCO would not be providing any financial support to solar energy companies.”

The ACCs commitment to the industry is very strong,” ACCS chairman Greg Clark said.”[It is] based on the ACCS’ position that we have a role to play in promoting Australian manufacturing, in supporting innovation and in encouraging innovation.

“In that sense, it is a very strong commitment.”

Solar energy was the most popular industry sector in the country in 2016, according to the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union.

In a statement, the ACCC said it was committed to supporting the industry, adding that it had “been in close contact” with the industry since the beginning of the year.

“Given the ACC’s commitment to solar and the ACCs view on the matter, we feel confident that our position is in line with industry wishes,” ACCC chair Greg Clark told a press conference.

The industry said the ACCCO’s statement was “deliberately misleading and incomplete” and that it was looking into the matter.

Solar energy is a popular industry, but ACCC Chairman Greg Clark has said it’s a “substantially lower priority” for the ACC.

“If you look at the ACC report it says, ‘the solar industry’ is in the top 10 in terms of the proportion of solar jobs that are generated in Australia’,” ACCC chairman Greg Clarke told a media conference in September.

“So I guess that’s a good indication that we’re not a priority,” Mr Clark said, adding it would be important for the solar industry to “make sure it gets the same support as other industries”.