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UK’s top charities will receive billions of pounds of taxpayer cash to help rebuild after financial crisis

UK’s top charities will receive billions of pounds of taxpayer cash to help rebuild after financial crisis

The UK’s biggest charities and other public bodies will receive an extra £2.4bn of funding for the year as the Government looks to recover from the financial crisis.

The money will be used to help the National Trust, the National Childbirth Trust, National Heart Foundation and the National Cancer Trust rebuild and recover.

The National Trust is the UK’s largest public charity and was hit hard by the financial crash.

The trust has been struggling to pay staff and staff benefits since the financial downturn, which is the first major financial crisis for the charity since it was established.

The charity has struggled to provide support for vulnerable children, with staff being unable to work and food and housing being cut.

“We are absolutely delighted to be able to take this funding,” said Lord Tebbit, chairman of the Trust.

“This will give us the flexibility to build on the strength of our work and continue to provide services to the people we serve.”

He added: “This is a huge boost to our organisation, and the support that we have received in the past year is testament to the support we have been given from all of you.”

The money is part of the Government’s “emergency response” package, which was announced on Thursday.

The Government announced that the UK would receive an additional £2bn for the fiscal year to 2019-20, which will be spent on: the National Children’s Trust and the NHS Trust

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