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What if we made a SimFarm?

What if we made a SimFarm?

by Steve WattsIt’s no secret that EA has been struggling with its next generation of SimFarm titles.

After the launch of the original SimFarm, the company was forced to rework the game to be more responsive to the needs of players, and this has seen some of the best titles from EA’s IP end up being removed from the game entirely.

While this isn’t something that’s been widely reported by EA fans, it’s something we’re very keen to bring to our readers.

With the release of the first SimFarm game, the SimFarm series has been in decline.

After a successful release with the original and subsequent SimFarm: The Sims 2, EA’s current lineup of titles is a little more muted.

The most recent SimFarm title is a title that’s long been rumored to be in the works, and according to our sources, this game is something that could potentially come to the franchise in the future.

According to our source, the game would be a SimCraft-esque title with the focus on the creation of farms and the use of resources in the game world.

It would have some form of AI controlled farming that would also be used for harvesting crops, which would be very similar to what EA’s other SimFarm IPs are able to achieve.

While there are no specific details about the game, it is known that EA’s previous SimFarm games have had AI controlled crops, but not in the same way that EA Farming Simulator or SimFarm currently do.

This could be something that we could potentially see in the coming months.

This wouldn’t be the first time EA has brought its own IP to SimFarm.

The first SimCity and SimFarm came out in 1999, and both games were highly successful.

Both of these games featured a number of different features that were later incorporated into SimFarm 3.

In addition to the game itself, the Sims and SimGuild franchises were also heavily incorporated into the series, and they both featured a farming sim that you could manage.

It was not a new concept, but EA is certainly capable of bringing its own ideas to the table.

We’re looking forward to seeing what EA has up its sleeve when it comes to bringing the Sims to the Sim farm.

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