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The top five stats you need to know about Conor McGregor’s win over Nate Diaz

The top five stats you need to know about Conor McGregor’s win over Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor is looking to end his four-fight losing streak with a win over fellow featherweight Nate Diaz, and UFC president Dana White has already predicted the Irishman’s success.

Speaking at a press conference in Las Vegas, McGregor said the fight would be a great one.

“Nate Diaz will be the man of the match,” McGregor said.

“The fight will be great, because he’s going to bring his A game.

We’re going to go for the big win.

I’m confident in Nate.

He’s a great guy, a great fighter.

I’ve seen him fight.

I know how tough he is.”

White said he was not surprised by McGregor’s success, but predicted Diaz would win.

“If Nate Diaz can beat Conor McGregor in two rounds, then that’s a huge step forward for Nate Diaz,” White said.

“We’re talking about a fighter who’s had eight losses and no wins in his career.

It’s a step forward.

It would be good to see Nate Diaz get a victory.

I think he’s a real fighter, and I think that Conor McGregor has an ability to beat anyone.”

It’s going be a good fight.

We’ll see.

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