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Why Google has decided to cut the number of employees in its search team

Why Google has decided to cut the number of employees in its search team

article Google is finally admitting that it was right to cut a team of 40 people in 2016. 

According to the New York Times, Google is cutting its search search team to about 40 people. 

But that’s not the end of the story. 

Google has a growing number of search engineers who are also dedicated to solving problems in their field. 

There are two things that make Google search engineers great engineers: They have a passion for solving problems and they’re good at solving problems. 

That’s why Google is hiring more engineers like these. 

And that’s why the search giant needs to have more people dedicated to these roles. 

So far, Google’s search engineers have been tasked with helping users with search problems.

They’ve also been tasked to solve some of the most popular search queries that people have come across: What is the weather like in the next three days?

What do the top 5 cities in the US look like in a month? 

It’s not a new job for Google search, but these engineers are getting better and better at solving the problems they’re solving.

Google’s hiring more search engineers with expertise in problem solving.

In 2016, Google had about 100 search engineers. 

By 2020, it was aiming to have about 300 engineers.

The number of engineers working on Google’s “search team” has grown from 200 to more than 300, according to the Times. 

This year, Google says it is hiring about 350 engineers.

So if Google is serious about getting its search teams to work together more effectively, the company needs to hire more engineers.

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