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‘Savage’ man is convicted for killing child’s pet

‘Savage’ man is convicted for killing child’s pet

An Indian man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing a baby, and two other people have been arrested for allegedly participating in the attack.

The 25-year-old was sentenced in a court in the southern city of Goa, where he had spent his days working as a carpenter, the Associated Press news agency reported.

His trial is expected to last several weeks.

His accomplices have pleaded not guilty, the AP said.

Police in Goa said in January that they arrested a 25-thousand rupee ($5,400) suspect after they found a stolen infant’s skull on his property.

The police also said they seized three other vehicles belonging to the suspect, which were also linked to the attack, the Indian Express newspaper reported.

The paper said police found a weapon inside the car.

The suspect’s father, the father of the baby, was among the people arrested in February.

The Indian Express said police had found the suspect’s wife’s bloodstained clothes in a house in the city of Vadodara, where the baby’s mother lives.