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Why are there so many ‘spritters’ in Minnesota?

Why are there so many ‘spritters’ in Minnesota?

Minnesota’s energy resources are the most diverse of any state in the country.

And while that diversity can be seen across the state, it’s not just in the resources that can be used to fuel the state’s economy.

A new report by the state energy board, which monitors the use of energy resources, found that just 10% of the state is covered by any of the available energy resources.

And that’s not all that’s missing: Only 20% of Minnesota’s electricity comes from natural gas.

The Minnesota Energy Resources Commission, the state agency that regulates energy use in Minnesota, recently published a report called “State of Energy” that focuses on the state of energy in Minnesota.

The report’s authors looked at state energy usage in Minnesota and how that compares to other states.

In their report, the authors found that the state has the most concentrated use of coal in the US, followed by natural gas, renewables, nuclear, and oil and gas.

And the report found that Minnesota has one of the most uncompetitive electricity markets in the nation.

In fact, the report notes that Minnesota ranks fifth in terms of overall state spending for energy, behind only Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

The authors also noted that Minnesota’s current grid operator, the Minnesota Public Service Commission, was not designed to serve the state as a whole.

“We’ve got a lot of different things happening at once,” said Jennifer Salsbury, a spokesperson for the Minnesota Energy Resource Commission.

“One of the things that’s very clear from the report is that the energy market in Minnesota is not as efficient as it could be.

And we’re seeing that with the rate of innovation, which we are very pleased about.”

Salsbury said that the commission’s work is aimed at finding solutions for those who live and work in rural areas.

She said that she and other energy commissioners are working on new tools to make sure that Minnesota can be energy efficient for everyone.

“The energy commission is focused on providing a safe, reliable and affordable energy service to all Minnesota residents,” Salsburysaid.

“We’re working to ensure that the resources we have are in the right place at the right time to make our communities energy resilient.”

To see how Minnesota compares to others, check out the full report.

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