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What to know about the $1.3 billion US military budget

What to know about the $1.3 billion US military budget

The US military has spent $1 trillion on defence over the past decade, but President Donald Trump is planning to spend $1 billion on the nation’s domestic and overseas military forces. 

The US Defence Department (DoD) is expected to release a budget for fiscal year 2019 on Thursday, and according to The Washington Post, that includes $1bn for the nation ‘s domestic military. 

According to The Post, the DoD is seeking to spend up to $1,320 billion on defence this fiscal year, with the Pentagon also wanting to spend a minimum of $1 million on the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) budget. 

In its current budget, the Pentagon is looking to spend an additional $1billion on defence for 2019, with $1mn earmarked for ‘special operations’. 

The budget will be released in two parts, with a portion set aside for the ‘special ops’ budget.

The DoD has not yet announced the names of its military commanders and leaders who will receive the budget, but the DoF is expected, with Pentagon chief Jim Mattis, to lead the defense department’s efforts in the area of special operations, the Post reports.

The military is already investing heavily in its ‘strategic command and control’ (SCAD) and ‘surveillance and strike capabilities’, as well as its cyber capabilities, in an effort to improve its capacity to strike terrorist groups in the Middle East. 

While Trump’s national security advisor, General John Kelly, has previously stated that the US would not use ‘boots on the ground’ to fight terrorism, Kelly said last week that the ‘war on terror’ was ‘just a war on terrorism’. 

Kelly also added that ‘the war on terror has nothing to do with us’. 

In a speech on the US National Security Council on Friday, Trump said: ‘The War on Terror is a war of terror, a war waged to silence dissent, to stifle dissent, and to destroy our civil liberties.”

I’m going to keep fighting the war on the War on Terrorism.

I’m going do everything I can to help you and your children fight the War against Terror.’

Trump also added: ‘This war is not a war against terror.

This war is a War on the media.

The media is the enemy of our freedom and our country. 

‘We’re going to take the war against the media from the terrorists and put them on notice that they can’t get away with it anymore.’

I want you to understand this: We’re not going to let you down.’ 

Trump’s national budget, which was announced in January, includes $2.5bn for military construction and $1tn for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 

The NDAA, which passed Congress in February 2017, includes money to hire up to 100,000 new soldiers, build 3,000 nuclear warheads, and bolster the military in Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Korea. 

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is set to approve the US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. 

Last week, Trump also announced that the United States would begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by the end of March 2019, which means that by March 2020, there will be no more American troops there. 

President Trump signed a memorandum on Friday to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan. 

Trump has also ordered the US to begin withdrawing its combat forces from Iraq and Syria by the first quarter of 2019.