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When China launches a satellite to monitor its border with India

When China launches a satellite to monitor its border with India

Capital Resources has signed a deal with a Chinese company to develop an advanced space-based navigation system that could help Chinese authorities better track its border.

The satellite, which will be named Xinghe Satellite Navigation, will be able to detect and track a variety of types of objects, from objects moving along a river to objects at a military installation.

In a report published Monday, The Wall Street Journal called the satellite a major step forward for China’s military ambitions.

“This is a significant advance for China, which is in a long-term competition with the United States to develop the most advanced and accurate space navigation technology,” said David Albright, a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The Chinese government has been working on a similar system, but it is not clear if that is also in development.

A satellite will be a huge step forward, but also a major setback for the United State and its allies, who have long worried that China could use it to track its enemies, according to experts.

The China-backed company said the deal will allow it to “accelerate the development and testing of the new satellite and to launch it into space in 2021, making the launch of the Xingshe Satellite Navigation the most important step in the country’s development of advanced space technology.”

In February, China launched its first satellite into space.

The launch was seen as a major milestone in China’s efforts to build an advanced satellite system, which could be used to track and monitor its own border with neighboring India.

A year ago, China sent a rocket into orbit carrying a tracking device for a new tracking system that will be used in military operations and other missions.

The rocket, known as Zhejiang Satellite Navigation Satellite, was launched in June 2017.

It was the first time China has sent a satellite into orbit and the second time it has sent one into space for a long period of time.

China has been building up its own military capabilities and military infrastructure for decades.

Since the late 1980s, China has invested heavily in satellites, satellites and other technology in an effort to counter American influence and influence in the Pacific.

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