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Is the Trump administration’s plan to cut off water supplies to Texas, California, and elsewhere a war on the poor?

Is the Trump administration’s plan to cut off water supplies to Texas, California, and elsewhere a war on the poor?

Washington, D.C. – A senior administration official on Friday explained to reporters why the Trump Administration is moving to cut water supplies and water rights to millions of Americans.

In an interview with ABC News, David Lapan said that the administration is “coming out of the shadows” to address water and wastewater infrastructure in areas that are facing the most severe drought conditions in years.

The official said the administration has been working to improve the reliability of water infrastructure and to ensure that it is not being abused.

The officials’ comments came as the Trump White House is making a push to cut funding to drought-stricken states and the states that have suffered the worst effects of drought.

The Trump administration is asking Congress to provide an additional $5.5 billion in emergency aid to drought stricken California, $3.9 billion in funding to states in New York, $2.7 billion in water infrastructure projects in Oregon and California, as well as more than $3 billion in state funding for water infrastructure in Arizona.

The administration is also proposing to allocate more than half a billion dollars in federal funds to help communities deal with water shortages and infrastructure damage.

Lapan told ABC News that the funding for infrastructure and water infrastructure will be used to improve water delivery to those areas, such as in California and Texas, and to improve public water systems, such that people have access to safe drinking water.

Laphrophes, water shortages, and drought in California, Texas, Oregon, California (ABC News) The new administration is trying to provide states and communities with water supplies that will allow them to get through the year.

Lapping the drought in some places, the administration wants to focus on restoring water flows and providing water that can be consumed and reused, according to the official.

That includes water conservation measures, water treatment, and the use of alternative fuels, according the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The announcement comes as the United States is also facing its most severe water shortage in more than a century.

In recent days, President Donald Trump and the Trump transition team have said that they will focus on water issues as part of their transition, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year, but the administration continues to withhold crucial information on how much water the administration plans to allocate to states and cities.

In fact, Trump has been withholding important information from the public since the end and is trying again to withhold information on water allocations, according a report in The Hill newspaper.

In a statement to ABC News on Friday, the White House press office did not respond to questions about the administration’s efforts to improve infrastructure and access to water.

“The administration has worked to ensure the integrity of the water system,” Lapan added.

“We have been working closely with states and localities to address critical infrastructure needs that are critical to public health and safety, including improving access to clean water and sewage treatment.”

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