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What you need to know about Osf employee rights

What you need to know about Osf employee rights

Osf, a non-profit group that trains OSC employees to become employees, recently issued a public apology for the incident. 

According to the apology, Osf employees are “allowed to make mistakes” and the organization “has a zero tolerance policy for employee misconduct.”

However, the organization’s public apology came after the group received backlash for its handling of the incident and for the fact that some members of the Osf community were upset by the apology.

The Osf spokesperson told The Daily Beast, “The organization has taken steps to ensure that this incident does not happen again and will continue to strive to provide a positive workplace environment for all employees.”

Osf has also been criticized for its alleged discrimination against transgendered individuals, including a policy that prevented employees from using the women’s restroom in a male-dominated organization.

Last month, a transgender employee filed a lawsuit against the organization, alleging discrimination, retaliation, and unlawful termination.

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